5 frequent questions about cats that we ask Google

questions about cats

Questions about cats – what are the most interesting and frequent FAQs about cats?

‘Big Brother’ constantly monitors us, so it seems that none of our movement on the Internet can go unnoticed.

So it is registered what we want to know and which answers we’re looking for on Google, in the case of cats.

Interesting, isn’t it?

There are many common questions about cats.

For example, you have an interest in these interesting issues; why cats eat grass or what is the best food for cats?

You also often wonder; why cats like warmth or why cats don’t like water?

The interesting questions are; what do you call a group of cats and why cats like catnip?

Really interesting topics of interest, aren’t they?

Well, here are five most frequent questions about cats and, of course, answers.

5. Why cats have whiskers?

Whiskers are part of sensory equipment in cats.
They use them to ‘see’ the other objects around them.

4. Why do cats sleep so much?

A cat can sleep half of the day.
Well, this is their inheritance from ancestors who also spent a big part of the day in the rest in order to save energy for hunting or escape from predators.

3. Why do cats knead?

Oh… they do it very often, indeed  :)
Kittens squeeze the mother’s breast to stimulate the coming of the milk.
Larger cats thus stimulate the glands on the paws through which mark the territory.

2. How long cats live?

Of course, length of cats life depends on how you are looking after them.
On average, house cats live much longer than those who live outside.
An average, cats can live for about 14 years.

1. Why do cats purr?

And, finally, among all asked questions about cats, this one is the most frequently!
When kittens come into the world they can’t see, so mother’s purring tells them where she is, and so they learn to purr themselves.
Still is not clear why do they purr later, but some researches confirm they can purr with different intensity and thus even can affect the healing of people.

So, if you have some other questions about cats, don’t be shy, ask google :)

Foto: Zdenka Šećkanović/Loraleo/www.loraleo.com

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