Cat years

cat years

Do you know your cat years?

In recent decades cat years are the object of the study researchers, but also the interest of all cat’s lovers.

If the cat lives with you from her birth or have taken her when she was only a few months old, then you can determine how old she is and how many human years just reached.

In the calculation will help you cat years chart which you can find at the end of the article.

Well, first off all, let’s analyze some facts about cat years.

Did you know that the cat years are significantly different from the human?

It was believed that the seven human years is equal to one year of the cat. According to that belief, one year old cat would actually be seven years old.

Recent studies of cat years we were faced with, inidicate quite different results.
According to them, in the first two years of life cats rapidly aging.

Thus, after one human year they reached teenage period and have about fifteen years.
So, if your beloved cat just reached this age, you can apsolutely attribute all her pranks, mischief and mishaps to the peak of puberty :)

After two years your cat is a real young lady (or gentleman) and just turned twenty-four years.
Maybe it’s time for offspring ;)

After that, each further human year is calculated as four feline.

For example, wen she reach the age of six human years, cat is in the middle age, and has forty years.
She is now more serious, experienced and wise, so now, with all that middle-age wisdom your sweet little friend can easily “twist you around her paw” :)

But we must not forget that the length of cat’s life, just like humans,  is conditioned by the way of life.

Staying outdoors, exposure to cold, poor and irregular diet, inadequate veterinary care, stressful lifestyle (inappropriate shelter, danger from other animals) – all this reasons could shorten cat’s life, increase her reall age, and noticeably affect her physical appearance.
Average life of this kind of cats is about 10 years.

On the contrary, those who live in the house, sleep and stay in warm areas, which are fed with quality food and have adequate medical care, who live without stress and don’t have to worry about survival, will undoubtedly live longer and will be in much better physical state.
These cats can live from 12 to even 20 years.

After this information is up to you to take good care of your sweetheart.

Do you know how to calculate cat years to human years?

Here is the cat years chart with which you can determine your cat years – look at this table and you will know how many candles you must put on your cat’s birthday cake :)

 1 15
 2 24
 3 28
 4 32
 5 36
 6 40
 7 44
 8 48
 9 52
 10 56
 11 60
 12 64
 13 68
 14 72
 15 76
 16 80
 17 84
 18  88
 19 92

Foto: Zdenka Šećkanović/Loraleo/

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