Cookies are small text files or tiny pieces of information stored on the user’s hard drive by websites you visit.
They are stored for
record-keeping purposes.

Cookies are used to enable websites you are visiting to recognize your computer the next time you visit a page, in order to improve your use of the website, and display content tailored to your needs.
They can contain information about the settings of the web site, about user searches on the site, about the way users visit and use the site etc.

They may also collect personal information such as email addresses etc., but only when you provide it, and if you are given such personal information.

A cookies are passive files and it cannot retrieve information from the user’s computer or spread computer viruses or some other harmful programs. uses cookies, so that we can provide you with the best user experience. uses third-party cookies.
There are some external services that store cookies on the user’s computer.
The purpose of these cookies is a normal function of certain features on the blog, and easier access to the content of the blog users.
These are:
1. Social network – login through personal profiles (accounts) with social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) as well as the sharing content of this blog on social networks set cookies on the user’s computer.

2. Analysis of visitors – there are certain services for the analysis of visits to a website whose purpose is to review the statistics of visits (number of users in the day, the month, the percentage spent on the page, drop out rate website, the percentage return on the page, etc.).
Blog Dog Cat and Man currently use some of these services for traffic analysis (Analytics, SlimStat, Wassup).

Google Analytics – is one of the most popular service for tracking statistics and a large percentage of websites using it in order to analyze the traffic. More information about how  Google Analytics works can be read on these links:

More about Google Analytics cookies can be found at the following link:

The storage of cookies of this service you can disable here: dlpage / gaoptout

In any case, you can control cookies and block it in your browser (more about that below)!

3. Advertising – blog Dog Cat and Man shows ads from Google Adsense network that uses cookies in order to offer more relevant advertisements to users or advertisements in accordance with the user’s interests.

To disable the storage of this service cookies, visitt the following link: preferences / html / opt-out.html

More information about Google AdSense or Google Analytics cookies can be found here:

For more information about the cookies used by Google can be found at:

More about how Google and its partners use cookies in advertising you can read on:

In any case, cookies can be controlled and blocked in your browser (more about that below)!

More information about turning off cookies:
There are several web sites for disabling storage of cookies from various services.

More availability at the following links:

http: //www.allaboutcookies. org /
http: //www.youronlinechoices. eu /

If you decide to block the storage of cookies you will still be able to browse and use content, but the functionality of the site will be limited.

You can control and block cookies in your browser!

Cookies could be set to be automatically deleted from your browser (temporary cookies), or from your computer after you close your browser. You may also configure them to remain stored a certain period (permanent cookies).

Also, you can easily manually delete  cookies and purge the browser (history).

It is your choice whether you want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer.

More about the law that their use is regulated at EU level can be found at the following link: EU Cookie Law.