Dog breeds that love sleeping

Puppy sleeping

You are certainly familiar with the fact that cats are real sleepyheads.

These animals can actually spend whole eternity in sleeping.

Studies have shown that cats can sleep almost twenty hours in a period of twenty-four hours.

But all of us, who enjoy the company of these amazing animals do not need scientific research.
We look at our cats and their nap and we wonder – for God’s sake, how long those creatures can sleep?

Let them be, to the joy of those owners who are no less sleepy.

But did you know that some breeds of dogs are also big fans of slumber?

Some dogs just wait for the opportunity to curl up in his, or even better in our bed.

Well, let’s be honest, we can’t blame neither dogs nor cats because most people also like to switch off from the everyday life and sink into the realm of dreams for a few minutes.
Just if we could sleep as much as we would like … hmmmm, that would be great!

And for those of us who like occasional afternoon nap, those sleepy dogs would be ideal society. Wouldn’t they?

So look which five breeds are great company for afternoon refreshment of body and soul.

Of course, there are more sleeping heads in the world of dogs, but these five are definitely leaders when it comes to nap.

1. Great Dane
doga 001

Photo: Dajana Milinković/ Tamarin Blue


2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
kavalier 001

Photo: Zdenka šećkanović / Loraleo


3. French Bulldog

Photo: Suzana i Zdravko Špehar / Bordomax

4. Bernese Mountain Dogs
bernski planinski pas

5. Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

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