Dog grooming supplies

dog grooming supplies

When there is a talk about dog grooming supplies, dog owners might not always know what it all includes.

Well, first of all, what we consider dog grooming?

Grooming implies and is consisted of two parts – the first, which must be done in order to keep your pet healthy is definitely hygienic care and cleaning of the dog.

Second is, to put it mildly, a bit odd and laughable for the most of all pet owners and lovers.
It includes clothing the dog, (which I find quite cute) or more precisely, taking care of its physical appearance for showing.

However, in this article we are going to discuss the grooming equipment and tools used in everyday grooming and making dogs looking their best.

Terms like mobile dog grooming and dog grooming courses will also take part in this article, for all those who know nothing about these options of maintaining and embellishing dogs.

Must-have dog grooming supplies

An ordinary groomer couldn’t do everything for dog’s good if there is not precise grooming equipment, as well as specified tools.

A variety of grooming products can be found in dog salons and shop for this purpose.

Experts managed to align a couple of most important ones which are bound to make your dog feel nurtured.

Pin brushes are used for removal of dirt, hair and pests, and they also stimulate the production of body oils.

Scissors and clippers, of course, make an inevitable duo for shortening hair and nails.
Grooming scissors are between seven and nine inches long, helping the owner to seize hard-to-reach parts.

Dryers, cleaners and sprays are also worth mentioning.

Some owners even opt for extra equipment – ear rinse intended for ear cleaning.

Cotton balls and styptic powders may also be useful in maintaining the hygiene of the dog and could help in many situations.

Vacuum cleaners will help you clean following your dog’s playtime, after which you could give him a skin treatment using different creams and shampoos.

According to some statistics, the most popular grooming products on the market are those labeled Drs. Foster & Smith which offers a great amount of cheap shampoos and conditioners.
However, each owner has to try different brands and products to reach a conclusion which is most ideal for his favorite.

While we are still discussing grooming, one thing you must never forget is bathing.

Using warm instead of hot water gets your dog relaxed and not-so-much in fear of water any more. Before getting it into the tub, the dog’s heavy fur must be completely brushed.

The appropriate ways of washing your pet include using a hand-held shower head with which you do the splashing, or perhaps, using water from the bucket.

Basically, the tools are much alike the tools we use for cleaning and up keeping our hygiene.

Tips and recommendations for grooming laity

It’s not strange thing for pet owners sometimes not to have time for detailed care of them.

Other times ignorance plays key part in grooming.

That kind of owners are advised to find professionals who will knowingly take care of their dog.

The most competent for this job are – professional dog groomers and mobile dog groomers.

Professional dog groomers

Professional dog groomers are often employed by veterinarians or working at separate grooming salons.

Except that they do the perfect dog grooming job, they also can give you great hints on how to perform simple grooming activities by yourself.

The professional dog groomer can give you some tasks of washing, maintaining and regulating mien considering dogs.

Also, they can give you good advice about dog grooming supplies required  for the usual daily dog care.

Mobile dog groomer

Mobile dog groomer is different from usual groomers by traveling to family houses and cleaning dogs at the spot.

Having a working office inside a vehicle has great advantages because mobile groomers tend to do a quicker job for arriving to you, instead of you heading to a salon.

For those who look to nurture the dog themselves, there are dog grooming courses, or in other words grooming school.

Grooming is especially popular in Great Britain, where you can take up courses any time and any place, afterwards earning a Certificate or Diploma depending on previous qualifications.

The price of professional dog grooming service

In 2015, prices for basic grooming range from 30 USD to incredible 90 USD.
Groomers are, as well, likely to charge additional care, so you might go for even a heftier cost.

One thing we should all agree about is the necessity of one’s concern of the dog.

The stage of care varies from one owner to other, but the important thing is certainly maintaining the pet’s health.

If you are brave enough you can take matters into your own hands and groom the dog without any help from the outside.

The right dog grooming supplies and patience is what you need to succeed and we certainly wish you luck!

Photo: Kyi-La Apsos

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