Dog Hachiko: A story about dog’s loyalty and devotion


Dog Hachiko: Beautiful story about dog’s emotions

Have you heard a true, emotional, shocking, but at the same time beautiful and instructive story about the dog named Hachiko?

If you haven’t read this beautiful tale, read below and find out who actually was a magnificent dog Hachiko, why he became a Japanese symbol of the loyalty and why his tale thrilled the word.

I’m quite sure you will not remain indifferent to this touching, the centuries-old legend.

Story about Hachiko is proof of loyalty, fidelity, commitment and love of the dog.  

Hachiko dog breed Akita was male, golden brown color. Born on October 10, 1923, on a farm near the city of Ōdate, Akita Prefecture.

At a time professor of the University of Tokyo, Ueno Hidesaburō brought him in his home, Hachiko was a puppy – he was only two months old.

Grew up surrounded by the love of Professor Uenae. With time, Hachiko has become very attached to him, as will be shown below his life.

Every day, with joy and enthusiasm he was following his master, Professor Uenae to the railway station Shibuya (Shibuya is Tokyo District built around the eponymous train station), from where Uenae was traveling to work at Tokyo University.

After his leaving Hachiko was returning home and every afternoon, at 17:00 P.M. he was coming back to the train station, where he was waiting patiently for his favorite person. And so it was every single day.

But, then came this sad day, 21 May 1925, when Hachiko’s waiting turned into eternity. That day his master did not show up. The train arrived, Hachiko carefully reviewed all the passengers, but the most important one was not there.

The train was gone, passengers left the station, and Hachiko was left alone, confused, disappointed and sad.

That day, Professor Ueno Hidesaburō had a heart attack and died. But Hachiko persistently kept coming to the railway station, every single day.  He was just sitting there, persistently waiting for the train and return of his master.  

And so the next days ……… months……… and years.  

Nine years, Hachiko was coming to the railway station Shybuya in anticipation of a beloved man. Even after professor’s family gave him for adoption, he has not forgotten his master, neither the place on which he should appear. He escaped from the new owners and kept coming to the station and wait.

After hours and hours of worthless waiting, he would go with his head bowed – alone and depressed.

Witness speaks that after all passengers gone Hachiko‘s look was sad, disappointed and empty – but Hachiko never gave up. But still, day after day, patiently, faithfully, loyally, he continued to come to the same place and wait.

Soon, local residents and regular passengers spread the story about a dog which persistently waits for his master which will never come. Hachiko and his sad fate won the hearts of nearby population and all passengers, especially those who knew Professor Uenae.

Every day people were bringing meals and fresh water for him. But the sadness in his eyes, nothing could dispel. However, he continued to come to the railway station at 17:00 P.M. – every day, until his death. He died on March 8, and was found on the streets of Shibuya, a few minutes after 17:00 P.M. 

The story of Hachiko, his futile waiting and unconditional loyalty to master rapidly spread throughout Japan. He became Japanese symbol of fidelity, loyalty, friendship and love.

The bronze statue of the Hachiko has been appointed in front of the railway station in Sybuyi, on the initiative of the students of Professor Ueno’s Hidesaburo. This statue was set up right there where Hachiko patiently and faithfully waited.  

About Hashiko are written numerous articles, stories and books, and recorded two excellent movies. The first released in the year 1987. His name is Hachi (Hachikō Monogatari) – “The Tale of Hachiko, directed by Seijiro Koyama.

The second one is a very successful movie from 2009. It is an American adaptation of this warm and touching story, titled Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – Hachiko: A story about a dog. It was directed by Lasse Hallstrom, starring legendary Richard Gere – as Hidesaburō Ueno. For the truth of this touching stories, but also because of an excellent screenplay, directing and acting, this film got extremely positive reviews from audience and critics.

Almost no one was indifferent to this beautiful, touching and sad story. Many people viewed this movie several times and experienced it with the same strong and deep emotions.

If you already havent, be sure to see this movie about the incredible loyalty of the dog. He will surely touch your heart, sadden, and maybe even make you cry.

And, on the end, what to say ….. Hachiko is very likely hidden in every dog, but owners certainly predict whether dogs will have a reason to show such deep feelings that Hachiko showed.
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