Dog insurance – should you buy it?

If you have never thought about dog insurance, read this article or some other articles on this topic and consider whether it would be wise to opt for a dog insurance.

Have you ever been wondering about a cheaper way of ensuring your dog instead of paying treatment expenses when visiting the vet for an ordinary soundness checkup or something more serious and delicate referring to dog’s health issues.
This is why we discuss dog insurance in today’s article.

This fact will definitely surprise you, as the first pet insurance policy was written back in 1890 for the care of horses and livestock.
Over the 20th century animal insurance has grown and any kind of pet can gets insured nowadays.
Most is invested in cat and dog insurance, the two most favorite family pets.

Dog insurance proved great wholesomeness among owners who would have to pay a few time more if there is need for a vet without being paid for dog insurance.
This way they save money and don’t have to fear of the sudden expenses.

Type of the dog insurance policy

There are many kinds of pet insurance policy and several different levels of cover.
Their difference is in the type of breed, age of the dog and type of insurance.

Type of breed – did you know that insurance for some breeds are more expensive?
For example, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, English Bulldog are known as one of the most expensive breeds to insure.

Age of the dog – the youngest dogs have the tendency to get ill. According to 2010 search, those under the age of one are 2.5 times more likely to have an unexpected visit to the vet opposite to mature members of the same dog species.
But, with the age of the dog, the prices of insurance increase because of the likelihood of diseases.

Type of insurance – vet treatments, accidents, illnesses, injury, lost or stolen pets, hereditary conditions etc.

Price of the dog insurance

There are large differences in the types of insurance policies, but also in prices.
According to some statistics – the average pet insurance policy in U.S. starts at $32 per month.
In UK the cost of month dog insurance is about £25 per month.
Dog owners in Canada on average should spend about $39 per month.

So, except that the cost varies by type of insurance, geographical location also affect the price which the owner of the dog should pay for the dog insurance.

The best pet insurance companies

According to some statistics, but also statements and experiences dog owners the leading insurance companies are: Healthy Paws, Petplan, Embrace, Trupanion, Petfirst, Pets Best etc.

With certain companies, like perhaps Petplan, extra coverage for chronic and hereditary conditions is included into the treatment.
This way the most serious sicknesses – cancer, complicated dental routines etc., can be resolved using just a single policy.
Petplan has affiliates around the world, so Canada and the United Kingdom use the same pet insurance plan taken from the U.S.
Petplan Canada makes excellent offers to all customers, such as covering all 100% of unexpected veterinary bills.

Dog insurance – is it worth the cost?

There have been endless cases when something serious takes place and you don’t have it ensured.

Besides accidents, injury, lost or stolen pets, hereditary conditions, dog insurance covers illnesses likewise.

Looking at price ranges, we have found top five conditions dogs are suffering from upon visiting the vet or being given the insurance policy.
These are: skin allergies, ear infections, non-cancerous skin mass, skin infections and arthritis.

Dog insurance often contains diagnostic testing, prescription medications, MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound imaging.
In all the above cases your costs can climb into the sky, if you did not pay the dog insurance.
This is why we strongly recommend it.

That’s about it for our insurance discussion, be free to let us know your experiences with the advantages or disadvantages of a dog insurance.

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