Dogs and cats – healers of the human soul and body

pets healers

If we would seek the definition of health, we could sum it up in a single word – balance.

Health is harmony, disease is discord.

So, all we need to do in order to get healthy is to bring our body into a state of harmony.

We must not lose the sight of the fact that healing of the body is not the only think we want to achieve.

If we really want to be healthy, we must also deal with healing on our emotional and mental levels.

A vital help during this process- at all levels – could be our pets, such as dogs and cats.

Pets have a positive effect on the health of their owners

Numerous studies conducted around the world reported a miraculous healing effect of pets on the emotional, mental and physical health of their owners.

Among other things, it was found that the owners of dogs and cats less frequent visit their doctors, and generally ingest significantly smaller amounts of medications when compared with other patients suffering from the same disease but that do not have pets.

First of all, let us look at the stress, the silent killer that slowly but surely impairs immunity and makes us susceptible to many diseases. People who have pets are generally less susceptible to stress and its negative effects.

Taking into account that the proximity of a pet significantly improves mood, making us more cheerful and relaxed, it is extremely logical.

In other words, if a dog or cat can help solve problems on an emotional and mental level, the possibility of physical illness will be significantly reduced. Is not that great news? Of course it is.

The benefits of living with dogs and cats are multiple. It is interesting to note that members of families that have a pet are generally more connected, and resolve their problems and conflict much easier.

In addition, dogs and cats meet our need for physical contact and cuddling, which older or lonely people notably lack.

Their positive effect on humans has also been reported in homes for the elderly and in psychiatric institutions.

In addition, it was observed that the patients during hospitalization or after leaving the hospital are recovering much faster in the presence of animals.

The secret healing power of animals

The secret of healing with the help of dogs and cats partly lies in their ability to promote our positive emotions, which in turn speeds up the healing, but it is certainly not the only reason.

In fact, their presence has extremely beneficial effect on our body. According to research by Baker Medical Research Institute form Australia, conducted on the sample of approximately six thousand respondents, confirmed that people who have pets, on average, have lower blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels, and are thus less exposed to the risk of a heart attack.

Furthermore, people who choose dogs for pets are forced to move more and stay out in the fresh air, which undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on health.

It is also interesting to note that dog saliva contains the enzyme lysozyme, which kills most bacteria, so wounds heal faster.

When it comes to cats, it seems that the frequency produced by their purring stimulates the secretion of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body, which in turn suppresses or relieves inflammation.

The same frequency also acts against all types of pain. For example, if the cat is lying near the head of a person suffering from migraine, according to the testimony of many patients, the pain will disappear very quickly.

It is also observed that cats very rarely suffer from diseases of bones and joints, and respiratory tract and heart diseases. It is obvious that they are able to heal themselves – by purring.

And not just themselves, because it is also found that people recover more quickly from bone and joint surgery if they spend some time every day holding a cat in their lap.

As far as the miraculous effects of cat purring frequency on the respiratory system, it seems that people suffering from asthma could receive the greatest benefit.

I would like to add one of my personal experiences, since I have suffered from asthma for a long time, during the last seven years, since I have a cat, I have significantly reduced the intake of drugs.
Cat therapy can also help with:

  •     stress
  •     Insomnia
  •     rheumatic pains
  •     high blood pressure
  •     stomach, liver and kidney diseases

The advantages of living with dogs and cats are indeed numerous, but one thing is for sure: whether we are healthy or sick, their presence in the home greatly increases the quality of our lives.

So, if you still do not have a pet, what are you waiting for?

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