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Jack Russell Terrier – an amazin breed that you definitely should find out all about!

Jack Russell Terrier


Name of the breed: Jack Russell Terrier
FCI group: Group 3 :  Terriers
Land of origin: England
Life span: 14-15  years
Character: Gentle, funny, curioscarefulfaithful, sociable, persistent, impulsive, alert, active, lively, durable, perspicacious
Requirements: Jack Russell Terrier needs enough games, sufficient movement, exercise and metal stimulation


Head: Proportional to body size
Ears: Small, V-shaped, dropping forward
Eyes: Medium-sized, dark, almond-shaped
Tail: Lowered at rest, erect during movement, in the past docked
Hair: Short, double coat, flat, hard
Color: w
hite, white with black or tan markings
Height: Male: Male 35 cm (14 in) / Female: 33 cm (13 in)
Weight: Male:  kg (13-17 lb) / Female:  kg (13-17 lb)

In this article you can read more about the history, physical characteristics and character of the Jack Russell Terrier breed.


I will also quote the opinions and experiences of breeders and some other very good connoisseur of the breed.

According to FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) classification, Jack Russell Terrier breed belongs to 3. FCI group.
3. FCI group – Terriers.

Jack Russell Terrier – history, physical characteristic and character

The dog that we take a look at today is one Jack Russell Terrier.
How did this small white breed with brown stains came to be?
What are his finest characteristics?
What makes him so cute and different from everyone else?


Their breeder, an English priest John Russell, came up with the idea of creating a special white dog breed he could use for hunting purposes (mostly foxes) and similar activities.

This took place in the first half of the 19th century, as Russell bought a small white and tan female terrier named Trump and worked on embodying her into today’s Jack Russell Terrier.

The first Jack Russell Terrier was founded in 1875 – with Russell amongst other founders, and not much later this breed continued to further develop.

However, certain Russell’s terriers haven’t changed a bit in some parts of the country and it is from those dogs precisely that the Jack Russell Terrier developed.

Physical characteristics

How would you recognize this dog in the street?

Well, Jack Russell Terrier characteristics are following:

  • they are mostly white with brown spots around the eyes, their skin layer is known as the broken coat, in spite of being smooth.
  • they have a strong jaw, black nose, dark-colored eyes and a high tail.
  • this breed is athletic, bold, tenacious and very quick.
  • one’s height amounts no more than 10-15 inches, with the weight of 13-17 pounds in average.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier lifespan is 14-15 years, despite his never ending energy run.

Jack Russell Terrier personality

Jack Russell Terrier is what we call a real worker.
He is still used for hunting, and will be in the future, because of his fearlessness and agility during walks alongside a fellow hunter.

Besides that, this animal is quite an intelligent one, full of love and life and friendly toward people, but unpleasant toward other dogs, as well as cats.

He is never shy, on the contrary – the doggie is friendly and affectionate.

He gets bored pretty quickly, so if your intent is to train him, make the sessions as short as possible.

Also, Jack needs early socialization, the presence of other people and dogs, sounds, sights, experiences etc.
If you do this, you puppy will surely grow to be a well-behaved dog.

What is most important, they are always friendly towards children and youngster, nevertheless – they are not afraid to attack when feeling endangered.

They enjoy digging like any other dogs and can easily make a large hole in a short time.

These dogs enjoy barking as well, what makes them inappropriate for living in apartments.

They are capable of jumping higher than five feet and perform this activity on daily basis.
Because of that you must have a firm and high fenced yard where your Jack would be able to play in and burn all the extra energy gathered during the day.

Jacks need to be taken out for a walk at least a few times a day.
Most also make great jogging companions.

Here are a few short tips for you.

  • Show your terrier love, and he will show it back.
  • Always take him for a walk, but it shouldn’t be to same places every time.
  • Don’t forget to play fetch!

Jack Russell Terrier

What are Jack Russell Terrier grooming needs?

As for their cleaning, brushing is recommended once a week to remove loose hair.

Baths are rarely a necessity, but only if you do the brushing really often.

Nail trimming should be done once or twice in one month.

Brush his teeth at least twice a week.


Jack Russell Terrier health problems

Terriers have got a propensity to some health conditions.

Deafness, Leg-Calve-Perthes disease and Lens Luxation are some of the illnesses that can harm this dog.

The most dangerous are, however, glaucoma – disease in which pressure is painfully raised high in the eye, and patellar luxation – causes lameness in the leg or abnormal gait, somewhat like a hop.
Therefore, the dogs need to be taken care off with more attention.

To end in a happy tone, we have decided to rewind to the past.
Have you ever heard of the film titled „My Dog Skip“?
Well, the main character, Skip, is also a Jack Russell Terrier.
The film experienced great success and if you are a dog fan, we recommend it through and through.

We hope you’ve been amused by our text and learned something about your pet along the way. Enjoy!

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