My impressions about Labrador Retriever breed


Labrador Retriever breedLabrador Retriever breed – dogs whose characteristics thrilled me

If you have opened this article to find out something about how tall or heavy Labrador Retriever breed is, you might be a little disappointed.

In this column I will not describe the height, the weight or origin of the Labrador Retriever … not even illnesses, not the FCI group to which belong.

These post is only one small part of my personal impressions about this breed and that’s what I’m going to share with you.

Although, actually, I will discuss the standard and beautiful colors of Labrador Retriever breed.

To me, each color is special in its own way; beautiful black, worm chocolate (brown) and elegant white-yellow hue.

I’m happy being surrounded with all three beautiful colors and somehow I am convinced that these colors are just perfect for the Labrador Retriever breed.

I tried to imagine them in some other colours, but it seems to me as if none of them fits … nature has chosen the best :)

Black Labrador Retriver

First color is black and this colour just beautifully fit to the breed.

Labrador Retriever - black

Black Labrador Retriever really look impressive when he take tense and sharp attitude, although this attitude is certainly rare, because Labradors are anything but sharp :)

They just pretend to be sharp and dangerous, but in the very next moment Labradors happily jump around the unknown guest, nudge him with their nose to show desire for attention and bring him a ball.

Aand with that ball – quess what – they invitening a complete stranger to play with them.

So, this evil black is just a mask which hiding the smooth and playful creature.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Next colour, chocolate, is quite rare, which is why chocolate Labrador impresses with its appearance.

Labrador Retriever - chocolate

Just as the name of the color – chocolate, so the chocolade Labrador Retrievers, especially puppies in this color, are yust like small sweet chocolates.

Brown (chocolate) Labrador Retriever, and black Labrador Retriever are entirely in that one specific color, and no other colors can be combined.

Therefore, black or chocolate Labrador can not have a white muzzle and white paws.

I write these triggered with the ad which was published recently and that ad said: “Black Labrador Retriever puppies for sale!”.

Those cute babies were truly black and they looked somewhat like Labradors, but nearly a quarter lower paw of those puppies was completely white.

This neglectful owners, or, sellers, who are, I suppose, from the financial benefits intended to sell puppies which actually were not Labrador Retriever breed, are very mean people.

And, unfortunately, those mean people probably succeeded in their intention to deceive someone, because there are many of those who do not know Labrador Retriever breed well enough to be able to recognize if puppy is really Labrador.

The main reason why I was upset with this (or similarly) ad, or with such a bad human behavior I will describe in a future posts.

So when it comes to black or chocolate Labradors, then it is only black or only brown colour!!!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

The yellow color appears in the range of fox yellow, yellow-white to almost white with only small traces of yellow hue.

Labrador Retriever - white/yellow

Yellow Labrador Retriever is so elegant in that light color – he looks sort of proud and refined.

Except when they roll themself in some muddy puddle, what is, you did not know, a favorite amusement of Labradors.

Then look a little less refined :)

But those who know Labradors are very well aware that they never choose in what kind of puddle will dip themself ….. just let it be water, and they jump :)

Second part of my impressions about Labrador Retriever breed coming soon …..

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