“No more” – says a cat who does not like bathing

cats bathingPhoto: David Savage/YouTube video screenshot

Whether cat needs a bathing?
This question is a very common theme that many cat lovers often discussing.

Some experts say that cats doing great work of cleaning themselves and that human assistance here is not necessary.
Others say that cats, just like dogs need a bath once in a while.

However, I believe that every owner of the cat at least once occurred a situation that his beloved rolled onto something dirty, sticky and smelly.
Well, it is pretty clear, in cases like this bathing is the only option.

David Savage posted YouTube video showing the reaction of his cat in bath situation.

I don’t know how your cat reacts in the bathe, but this beauty is not impressed at all – actually she is so angry that she spoke very convincing vocally complain; “No more, no more!”.

You can watch this video here.

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