What kind of weather will be tomorrow? You should ask your cat!

mačka2 The weather truly wild lately.

For a moment it’s warm, then cold, then it’s raining, then snows ….. sometimes in one day several changes of weather conditions occur.

Weather reports sometimes guess and sometimes not and we have already got used to it. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are increasingly looking for something that could reliably tell them what kind of weather will be.

You will probably be surprised that your cat can be your private and best meteorologists. Interesting, isn’t it?

Here’s how. In fact, even back in 1883, First Lieutenant of US Army, H.H.C. Dunwoody said that instead of putting our faith in the prediction of meteorologists, we should follow the wisdom of our animals that live very close to us, specifically cats.

Dunwoody even wrote a book called ‘Weather Proverbs. The book presented a long list of animal behavior by which one can safely predict what kind of weather will be. In his reading material Dunwoody mentioned behaviors of many animals such as foxes, bears and goats, but the biggest part of the book is focused on cats.

Colonel Dunwoody also states that according to the following mode of behavior cats can predict a specific time:

  • if a cat sneeze, it is a sign of the rain
  • if a cat washes his face after rain and depending on which side she turned her muzzle, from that direction the wind will blow (north, southerner, westerner or easterner)
  • when a cat snores while sleeping, very unfavorable weather conditions is coming
  • if a cat washes its face in the way that its paws crossing the ear before the face, it is a sign that it will rain.
  • if the cat is sleeping on her back, you can expect the storm
  • if cat washes her face, but with her back turned to fires or other heat sources, that could be a sign that the snow will melt (if any).

What do you think about this interesting theory of cat’s weather prediction? Does it keep some water or have nothing to do with the current climate situation?
Foto: Zdenka Šećkanović/Loraleo/www.loraleo.com

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