Normal Dog Temperature

dog temperature

What is a normal dog body temperature?

It is a question that every dog owner asks sooner or later.

Whether it be a mere curiosity or dog’s diseases – every dog lover should know the answer to this question.

And here is the answer – normal dog’s body temperature, measured rectally is between 101 and 102.5 F (38°C – 39.2°C).
However, some factors can affect the temperature so you need to consider that fact before the start of measurement.

Dog body temperature can be increased due to some activities, such as playing or running, situations like excitement or stress, as well as high-temperature of the air or staying too long in the sun.
On the other, normal dog temperature can be lowered due to a shock, anemia, low air temperature and stay in the wind, rain or snow.
Keep this in mind, and half an hour before measuring try to calm the dog, limit his physical activities and ensure he stays in moderate heating area.

High or low dog temperature is a sign of disease, and certainly requires caution and control.
If there are some other symptoms of illness, such as diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue or some other suspicious condition, you should immediately consult your veterinarian.


Do you know how to take your dog temperature?

Temperature in dogs, and all other animals simply can be measured rectally.
You can use a child’s type of thermometer which you can buy in every better equipped shop.
Although much better solution is a special veterinary thermometer that is more resistant, and you can find it in almost every pet shop.

If you are not getting along with anal measurements, don’t worry because there is a solution.
There are special thermometers designed to measure dog temperature in the ear. Buy one of these and you will easily measure the dog’s temperature.
But keep in mind that ear thermometers designed for measuring human temperatures are not suitable for dogs because they are not designed for a dog’s ear canal and can not accurately measure the temperature.


Process of measurement dog temperature rectally

Before you start to measure dog temperature the thermometer must be lubricated with Vaseline, cooking oil or some other lubricant.
After you take care of that lift the dog’s tail and slowly and carefully insert a thermometer in his anus.
The thermometer should be inside dog’s anus at least two centimeters, otherwise the measurement can be unreliable.

If you fail to introduce it, have patience, the animal is scared and probably tightened muscles.
Do not remove the thermometer. Wait a few minutes and when the dog calms down and relax his muscles, you can continue inserting the thermometer.
Once you have successfully placed it in the anus, wait about five minutes if you measure with mercury thermometer.
If it is some other thermometer you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

If this is the first time you’re trying to measure the dog’s temperature and you are not sure whether it is measured properly, repeat the process after about half an hour.

For safety, it is important to repeat the process if the dog is moody, depressed or flabby.
Also if there is absence of appetite, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat or some other signs of dog illness.
Rapid breathing and rapid pulse are very common signs of fever in dogs.

After the measurement do not forget to clean and disinfect the thermometer in case the animal is infected with a contagious disease.

Remember, high temperature in dogs is a sign of disease.
In this case you must visit the veterinarian as soon as possible.
With a detailed examination he will determine what causing the temperature and apply the necessary therapy.

And finally, keep in mind – the dog temperature, just like a human, can cause unintended consequences, so it has to be controlled.

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