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Name of the breed: Beagle
FCI group: Group 6: Scenthounds and Related Breeds
Land of origin:
Great Britain
Life span: 12-15  years
Character: Stable, faithful, confident, loving, friendly, tolerant, gentle, overprotective, delicate, irritable, determined, intelligent,
Requirements: Regular exercise, enough games, sufficient movement, patient


Head: Medium length, large, wide and slightly rounded
Ears: Wide and long
Eyes: Large, dark brown, often black-lined; safe and gentle glance
Tail: Medium length, set high with strong base
Hair: Colour: mostly combination of black, white and tan markings (but they can have red, chocolate or lemon markings)
Height: Male: 36-41  cm (14-16 in) / Female:  33-38 cm (13-15 in)
Weight: Male: 10-11  kg (22-25lb) / Female: 9-10  kg (20-23 lb)

We are moving on with our list of loving household dogs and the next up is cute snout pet known as Beagle.

In this article you can read more about the history, physical characteristics and character of the Beagle breed.

I will also make an effort to quote the opinions and experiences of breeders and some other very good connoisseur of the breed.

According to FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) classification, this breed belongs to 6. FCI group.

6. FCI GROUP: Scenthounds and Related Breeds

Beagle – history, physical characteristics and character


Did you know that Charlie Brown’s Snoopy was and still remains the most popular Beagle?
This could mean this breed has a lot of history behind her. beagle2Let’s find out a bit more about it, we know you are interested.

Beagles are relatively small animals that originate from England.

They belong to the sixth (VI.) FCI dog group.

Although there is a possibility Beagles date back to the 5th BCE, they started appearing under this name in the 15th century.

Most probably developed as a mixture of English harriers and old English hounds, this breed was used for hunting in the time of King Henry VII of England rule.
Our story continues three centuries later, somewhere in the 1830s.
Reverend Phillip Honeywood works on further developing the breed which led to most of its today’s looks, by some sources.
However, they were smaller and had a completely white coat.
Things were running slow by that time – nearly 40 years later, in 1887, there was only 18 Beagle packs throughout England.

First Beagle Club was founded in 1890 to work on reproduction, along with a written standard for the present-day beagle.
The U.S. didn’t wait for long after that, with the American Kennel Club making the adorable pets official in 1884.

Over a century later, this dog became the most favorite pet across the world.


Physical characteristics

Beagles are pretty much similar to a Foxhound, despite the enormous size differences.


Nowadays, they are divided to two dissimilar kinds.
The first one applies to those who don’t exceed over 13 inches at shoulder height, whilst the second one stands 13-15 inches at the shoulder.

Depending on the tallness, they weigh from 18 to 35 pounds in total.
Females are not much more different from the male population besides height and weight.

A rounded black nozzle, large brown eyes, strong jaw and teeth and an averagely long skull are just some of physical qualities beagles possess.

Great soft ears dangle downwards parts of the face and neck.

Most of them are half-brown and half-white, but can be seen in many different colors, such as black etc.

Short hair and hard coat make them firm for hunting activities and helping people in certain jobs.

The dog’s tail is in the upright position when one is active, instead of wandering around, as is the case with other dogs.

Praised for the sense of smell, Beagle owns a special gift of recognizing scent regardless the searching object.
That was proved around 1950 when John Paul Scott and John Fuller explored the animal’s behavior and came to an interesting conclusion – this pet is a 15 times faster seeker than both Fox and Scottish Terriers.

Often disposed to sicknesses and injuries, dogs should be taken to see the vet regularly.
So-called “weak spots” include propensity towards epilepsy, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

They live up to 12-15 years altogether.


Personality of the Beagle breed

Such huge pleasant personality is a quality that rare dogs posses.
This gentle pets are funny, sociable, cute and merry above all.

beagle4They are never fearful nor aggressive and enjoy spending time with the owner.

Being extremely easy-going is always a great thing about pets and Beagles are one of them. Therefore, they will never yell at strangers, taking everything and everyone calmly.

Both intelligent and determined, it’s hard to train them.

The breed gets along fine with other dogs, despite the fact they bark in awkward or unusual situations.

Prone to weight gain, exercise is recommended for beagles in order of easier movement.

Children like them, and they like children, what makes them the perfect family pets and members.

If they get separated from the owner, anxiety comes to make it feel lonely and unwanted.
Beagles, like many other, need your presence and time to spend it with you.
They need all your care and protection to feel safe and secure.

Never refrain to show love to a pet. Take care of your Beagle, and it will take care of you.

Thanks for sticking with us for another article.
We hope this Beagle information have been of some use for you and your pet.

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