Interesting facts about dogs

zanimljive činjenice o psima

There is a well- known old phrase; “Dog is man’s best friend”, and many will absolutely agree with it.
Friendship between dogs and people is more than 15 000 years old and all true dog lovers seem to know everything about them.
But dogs are amazing and complex creatures.

Although we think we know them perfectly, often happens that we experience some surprise or find out some strange and interesting facts about dogs.

Here a few interesting facts about dogs that may surprise even those very good connoisseurs of these great animals.

It is possible that many of you already known some of these interesting facts.
But in this case, read and just remind yourself how truly amazing creatures dogs can be.


These are great and interesting facts about dogs which I have chosen:


Dogs dream

Yes, it’s true, dogs really dream.
Scientists have confirmed that dogs (as well as cats and most other animals) have phase of sleep – just like people; slow wave sleep – SWS (slow wave sleep) and sleep rapid eye movement – REM (rapyd eye movement).
Next time when you notice that your pet twitch his paws or muzzle during sleep, be sure that he dreams.
You are left to wonder – what he was dreaming about ???


Dog’s intelligence

After lot of research scientists came to the conclusion that the average intelligence in dogs is equal as the intelligence of one-year-old child.
For example, the average dog can recognize the significance of up to 200 words, others with above-average developed intelligence even a lot more.
Therefore, do not be surprised with the occasional wise actions of your pet because dogs, depending on the environment and needs, very well know how to use their intelligence.


Remarkably developed sense of smell

The smell is a very important sense, especially in the animal world.
Studies have shown that the sense of smell in dogs is even up to 50 000 times stronger than a human.
Did you know that there are dogs specially trained to detect many diseases, among other, cancer and diabetes?
Such dogs, thanks to the strong scent can detect the disease by sniffing people or some human secretions.


Sleeping in a curled up position

In the existence animals rely on their instinct.
Just so in this case – curled up position, in which dogs usually sleep, is the result of their instinct for keeping the heat of their body, or protection of vital organs.


Humidity and dryness canine nose

Have you noticed that your pet nose is occasionally moist and occasionally dry?
If the humidity and dryness of the nose during the day occasionally alternate, it is a quite normal condition and you do not have to worry about.
However, if one of these conditions persists for a long time, or it is extremely conspicuous, then it is time for a cautious and consultation with a professional.
Wet nose is usually a normal condition because dog’s nose secretes mucus that helps in the absorption of odors from the environment.
However, keep in mind that excessively wet nose can be a symptom of a cold.
Also, long-term dryness of the nose may be an indication of a disease, especially if accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or poor appetite.


How old is your dog?

Dogs grow up and old rapidly during the first two years of life.
After that the process slows down.
After the age of one year, calculated in human age, the dog is 16 years old.
Therefore, your one-year dog is actually sixteen teenager :)
Two years of dog’s life correspond to a period of 24 human years.
After two years of dog’s life each succeeding year is considered as a five human years.
So, at the age of 5 years your pet is actually on the threshold of his forties.


Dogs can recognize colors

A long time there was an opinion that dogs see the world around them exclusively in black and white.
However, recent studies have disproved that myth and show that the canine world is interwoven with three colors – yellow, blue and gray.
So, orange and green tones dogs perceived as yellow color, purple hue as a blue, and most of other colors they see as gray.


Dog’s whiskers

Whiskers are not just decoration of the dog muzzle – they are a great, functional and important device for accurate and precise perception.
Dogs wisely used this part of the body in some situations of insecurity.
Most dogs, just like cats, use their whiskers to determine the width of the passage, and assess whether to go through a certain narrow passage.
Thus, if they are trying to get into some hole, first they will try to squeeze their head.
And just that is the importance of the mustache.
In this case, dog opinion is based on already mentioned intelligence: “If my mustache can enter in this hole without touching the surface, then my whole body can enter too.” :)
Photo: Andjelko Radiković

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