For cat lovers allergic to cats – play with cats over the Internet


Great solution for those who love cats and play with cats, but suffer from allergies

Many people suffer from allergies to cat hair and although love these animals, must not socialize and play with them.

But, such people should not be sad because there is a great computer application that allows playing with cats – via computer.

The application is intended for all those who, because of allergies or other problems can not have a cat and who are deprived of the pleasure of playing with these beautiful creatures.

It is a sophisticated technology that allows right interaction between you and the animals.
Here you are not just a mere observer, but by using your PC you can move certain items that are in the area where the cat is and so you can actually play with her.

The company Reach-In has made the application, and the idea came by accident in 2010.
In fact, one engineers of the company tested mechanical arm at home and realized that his cat every movement of the mechanical arm perceived as a game and reacts every time he pressed the button to move the mechanical arm.

After this discovery and ideas that popped into his head he immediately called the local animal protection society and suggested them to create applications.

After the application was developed, and a link was set to the Internet, within 45 minutes became clear that there was much interested for the application and playing.

People from all over the globe have been like to play with real, live cats through the Internet.

So, they created a page iPetCompanion  through which people can play with the cats.
Page receives visits from 170 countries and according to data from the site, the longest visit lasted even – 14 hours. So, it is a true addiction!

If you would you like to see what it is all about and what attracts so many clicks each day, take a look inside this link .
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