Cats – graceful jumpers


We all know that cats are extremely skilled when it comes to jumping, landing and other similar stunts.

Effortlessly, with beautiful, elegant movement, they will jump on a chair.
In one moment, out of nowhere, they appear on the table.
Jump on the fridge is “a piece of cake” for them :)
Hmm…. often you can see them on the top of the curtains.

Well, it seems to me they can climb wherever they wish.

When they want to explore a neighbor’s yard, a fence is not an obstacle to them, on the contrary – she is a real cat friend and a great ally.

Also, the cats know how wise could be periodically checking the environment, so, the columns on the fence are just ideal for that kind of activity.

Witty kitten will often elegantly jump on the nearby column, to check whether is somewhere some wicked, irritable neighbor’s dog, or maybe playful children, whose favorite game is chasing innocent cats.


Cats jumping is natural instinct

It has been proven – cats are genetically programmed to jump.
In any potentially dangerous situation they will react by jumping.
This is their natural instinct for survival.

So, they will instinctively seek security and peace on the fence or a tree – aware that almost none of enemies can’t reach them.

Because of that fact, they have developed and perfected the technique of jumping and climbing.

If you carefully observe cats when they are moving away from danger, you could notice that they are only in the first few meters in a hurry.
But their primary goal is to locate the nearest tall object that will be used for shelter – and then perform cats jumping.

Did you know that cats can jump almost five times more than their own height?
It means that they can jump to a height of 150 cm.

Very interesting is the fact that cats jumping is always perfectly precise and accurate.

But not only jump what is fascinating.
Landing on their feet after this kind of acrobatic jumps is equally admirable.


Where these cats jumping abilities origins from?

Scientists have found that cats visually estimated distance, just before jumping.
They are convinced that whiskers, known as “cat’s sixth sense” are of huge help to them.
Using them while jumping cats “measures” and determine the exact distance from potential obstacles or desired object.

This explains their ability to perform precise jumps, even from a distance.

The next weapon that cats use in jumping adventures is the body skeletal system, especially the spine.
Their body structure is perfectly adapted for jumping and landing and thanks to it, their bodies are flexible and so are jumps and lands elegant and perfect.

We can conclude that nature gave the cats enviable and multiple useful skills, which these wise animals surely know how to use.

Foto: Dajana Milinković

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