Why do dogs roll in grass

why do dogs roll in grass

In almost every suburban household, there’s a dog.

Families enjoy having pets because they are, first of all favorites of their youngest members.

And having a kid, curious and wanting to learn means that questions considering their pets (in this case, dogs) will frequently pop up.

Often, kids are amused seeing their dog rolling in green and want to find out why these adorable family members get so lighthearted after arriving to those empty meadows.

Not just kids, most adults wonder the same question too – why do dogs roll in grass, in fact?

So if you are unsure of where this behavior of your pet coming from, read some experts explanations.  


Unpleasant smelling is possible reason

Taking dog baths might be a very demanding job from time to time – especially when you have spent an hour or two making him look his best.
And then….. he hits the ground and rolls himself in the grass, just one second later.

It would be fun if you have not spent much time in his grooming.

So you wonder, “what’s wrong with him and why he does it just after the nice, clean bath?”

The reason may be that certain smells may be unwanted for your dog.

Of course, every single man’s best friend has his own taste for smell and using shampoos or fragrances that do not suit him could be the reason of his rolling adventures.
So, those shampoos have to be replaced with different kinds, which will have a ‘go’ with your dog.
Otherwise, he’s just going to continue rolling in the grass and to remove unwanted odors.
Having in mind you’ve spent lots of time nurturing your pet, you don’t want it to happen, do you?
So, get a new shampoo!


Sometimes itching could be an incentive

Another reason for rolling in grass could be  itching.

why do dogs roll in grass sometimesSometimes, it’s nothing but an ordinary nonthreatening itch of skin, but in some other cases it might be quite a serious reason.

Dogs always take pleasure out of spending time in nature and in that time, could be doing anything and going places where they could be easily irritated following skin allergies.

Fleas and other skin parasites can be found in grass, so it’s not very hard to pick one.

When it turns to a serious problem, dog owners are recommended consulting a veterinarian.


Behavior problems, maybe?

Rolling in grass could sometimes be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder.

why do dogs roll in grass actuallySuch behavior is frequently triggered by anxiety and/or stress.

At that time, your pet is likely to be repeatedly licking lower part of his legs, as well as biting his nails and paws.

In order to treat it the right way, the animal must be preoccupied with a stress relieving game to make it forget about things that the dog has been moving around or rolling in.

If it becomes a long-term issue, you must absolutely consult a veterinarian.


But….. not every grass is a good grass

Dogs will not step or roll into every green field in sight.

It is because they like specific types of it.

So, they will find the one that suits best and then – rolling action starts.

For the same reason dogs eat just a particular grass – the one which is acceptable in their view.

For example, sharp grass is often tasty snack for dogs and some experts agree the reason is its resemblance to fresh salad.
Grass is also beneficial for digestion, skin glow and hair and except that they are aware of it, dogs simply like its taste.

But this goes to another topic – “why dogs eat grass” – about which I will write some another time.


Should you be worry about that funny rolling habit?

Like any other animal, dogs carry the risk of getting ill easily.

Spending time in places full of dust, parasites and viruses is not harmless.

But you can’t stop your dog from enjoying an afternoon in the high green grass.

One thing you can do is taking your favorite to get vaccinated regularly.

Furthermore, the key is in having a healthy relationship with a dog who will always behave better if you spend time teaching him what’s good and what’s not. Nothing complicated.

We hope that you realise what could be the reason and why acctually do dogs roll in grass and we also hope that these tips have been of some use for your and the sake of your dog.

Photo: Retrievers of Golden Duck.com, Bordomax.hr

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